Going The Extra Mile


We pave the road for athletes, young and old, to go the extra mile and achieve their goals! 

541 Adult Fitness

We help busy adults lose weight, look great, and feel great with as little as 3 training sessions per week

Athlete Strength

Get faster, stronger, and quicker for your sport with our athlete specific strength program.

Sports Training Programs

Sport Specific Training to help you get to the next level!

Adult Sports

Check out all the offerings we have for adult sports at Acme. We offer tournaments, leagues, and open play

Acme Shooting Club

Featuring a Dr. Dish CT Shooting Machine which features a 15.6″ true touchscreen interface, 150+ on-demand workouts from professional trainers, and the ability to build custom shooting drills that track individual and group stats!

Smoothie Bar

80% Nutrition + 20% Excercise = 100% Total Fitness

Over 15 Different smoothies/ shakes to choose from


Indoor Training Facility

Wth over 50,000 square feet. Equipped with batting cages, basketball/volleyball/ soccer courts, fitness rooms, etc…


One Rep Closer To Your Goal

Every rep is one rep closer to your goals. From kettlebell swings, to perfecting your jump shot, we are here to help you make sure your reps count!


High Quality Coaching

Our coaches are certified and qualified to ensure you are getting the best service possible at Acme Athletics.

A home for athletes, young and old!

Acme Athletics opened in 2016 and our primary focus was private lessons in different sports such as basketball, soccer, baseball, softball, and volleyball. We still offer private lessons at Acme, but over the years we have expanded our services to include a variety of things for the whole family. We have had a youth athlete strength and conditioning program at Acme from day one, and now we are excited to announce that we are adding a fitness program for adults as well. We are in the process of transitioning our facility by adding 5 multi-purpose courts that will be used for Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, and Pickleball. With these new courts, we will be offering youth and adult leagues year round, so get ready, it’s about to be a blast!!!

Our Mission is to provide a professional environment
equipped with the resources and coaches necessary to help you reach your goals!

We’ve Been Going The Extra Mile Since 2016

Client Testimonials

“I have been a crossfitter for years. I’ve tried whole paleo, paleo, and keto diet lifestyles. All with little to no results… Three months with Dawson at Acme Athletics and I lost 20 lbs of Body Fat, gained 5 lbs of muscle, and have had sustainable results. (I have even had ice cream!!) 

My weight on the scale only shifted about 5 pounds, but my dress size went down 4 sizes IN THREE MONTHS!!”


After experiencing rapid weight gain amidst surgery and the covid lockdown, I turned to the adult strength and conditioning program with Coach Dawson at Acme Athletics. I am so happy with the results that I have received so far. I am down 7 pounds in body fat. My clothes are fitting better. I am feeling myself getting stronger every session and I feel much more confident. I am so appreciative of Coach Dawson motivating me and helping me meet my goals and look forward to making even more progress.” 


ACME has given me the most results I have ever received from working out. The trainers are super helpful at modifying exercises, showing proper techniques, and giving nutritional advice. If you’re looking for a great place that fits your busy schedule, look no further!


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