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Our Programs

We have programs for every athlete, no matter how crazy your schedule is, we can make sure you are able to get ready for the next season!

Bronze- 1x/ Week

This is for the athletes who have a very busy schedule and can only commit to 1 session per week. Although this is not the most ideal program, it is stll beneficial 

Silver – 2x/ Week

This is for the athlete who is willing to put in the work each week to get the desired goals that he or she has set

Gold – 3x/ Week

This is our best package for strength and conditioning because the athlete will work different muscle groups every single week. 


“Strength and conditioning has definitely benefited in a number of ways. I have grown to love it and look forward to coming in 3 times a week. I have a noticeable increase in strength. I can tell I am hitting the softball further and throwing harder and farther than I was when I first started. As well as getting stronger, it has helped my mobility and my mental toughness, which are both equally important to strength. I am able to lock in on my goal and push through workouts that are challenging my body and my mind better because of this training. Eyan has created workouts for me that have pushed me further than I ever experience in a workout before and it leaves me with a lot of confidence and pride in the end because I was able to push through and finish. All of these aspects are important factors of bettering myself as a person and athlete as well as transitioning to becoming a college athlete in less than a year. I truly feel that performance training has helped me tremendously and I am extremely thankful that I am a part of it.”

Joie G.

“The people up at Acme all have an awesome spirit they all want to make you better in the sport/lift you do. I myself play football and have worked with Eyan to gain strength better footwork and stamina. Last year I couldn’t really do anything on the field, I was too weak and went to Acme over the offseason. I came back to football and took the starting position. The atmosphere there is great from when you walk through the door to the time you leave everyone is respectful and treat you like they want you there. It’s a great place to work out and to be.”

Isacc S.




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Sunday: closed

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