3 Point Competition

3 Point Competition

Can you make a 3?
Come in and showcase those ballin skills!


Basketball Shootout Tournament

Basketball Shootout Tournament

May 28th – June 11th, 11am-4pm (M-F), 2pm-4pm (Saturdays)

  • Drop-in hours: Come and showcase your skills during the designated times. Test your shooting accuracy with 25 shots, including a warm-up session. Entry fee is $25 per participant.

June 15th, Saturday, 12pm – 4pm

  • Finals: The top 5 scorers from each division will compete in the Finals. Witness the excitement as participants vie for victory in their respective categories.


  • Elementary (8-10): 3 point line moved in
  • Middle School (11-13)
  • High School (14-18)
  • Adult (18+)


  • Winner of Each Division: Exciting prizes await the champions of each division.

Join us for an exhilarating basketball showdown!