Athlete Strength + Conditioning

Strength Training and Conditioning is a scientific physical training methodology to train athletes to improve athletic performance. The program is a collaborative process with an ongoing relationship between the Athlete and the Coach. The program includes general athletic testing sessions, safe and effective strength training and conditioning sessions, and nutrition and injury mitigation guidance.

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Athlete Strength & Conditioning

Get Stronger

Using evidence based programming and performance testing athletes will gain strength. 

Athletes will improve their speed

Get Faster

Athletes will improve their speed! Speed kills and often times is the deciding factor in a game or competition.

Gain Athletic Confidence On & Off The Field

Gain Confidence

Athletes with better self-confidence & self-esteem, get better grades, have better behavior, & are more likely to be leaders on and off the field. 

Athletic Training Program

Start At Their Level

The training program is individually progressed and regressed to accommodate the athlete’s skill level and physical abilities. 

Small Group Athletic & Sports Training Sessions

Group Workouts

Each athlete will get the attention needed for them to succeed!

Athletes Performance Training

Get Results & Respect

Athletes will enhance their performance to reach their athletic potential. Seeing results in our program as well as on the field! 

Your Coaches

Aaron Conklin

Aaron Conklin

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

I received my Bachelor of Science in exercise science at The College at Brockport. in December of 2020 and became certified as a Strength and Conditioning Coach from the NSCA in May of 2021.

I work as a Strength and Conditioning Coach at Acme Athletics part-time and full-time as a Strength and Conditioning Coach at Fort Campbell for the 44th MED. I got my interest in strength and conditioning because I came from a small town with no resources for athletic performance. Our high school had no more than 300 kids all together and the majority of us were athletes. Many injuries stemmed from overuse, playing for multiple teams within the same season, and no proper training. My passion for strength and conditioning grew stronger strength and conditioning began when my sister underwent double hip surgery when she was 18 due to overuse injuries from no proper training and constantly playing soccer. My goals are to make sure all athletes that train with me and the athletic program I am a part of train properly, in cohesion with their sport, and don’t overdo it to cause injuries.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Strength & Conditioning?

Strength Training & Conditioning is a scientific physical training methodology to train athletes to improve athletic performance.

When are training sessions held?

Please call us for our current schedule 931-919-2575.

How long are the sessions?

Training time is allocated equitably to meet training goals, with most sessions ranging from 45-55 minutes.

How many athletes/coaches are in a session?

Each session is limited to 15 athletes, with an intimate coach-to-athlete ratio.

How many times per week does my athlete train?

We offer membership plans ranging from once to five times per week. 

How much does the program cost? How is it billed?

Individual memberships range from $87 to $197 per month depending on the number of times you want to come each week. The membership is billed monthly with no cancellation or start-up fees. A 30-day (one training cycle) notice is required for cancellation to optimize sports performance.

How do I start?

Schedule a consultation with one of our coaches at acmeathleticstn.com, or email our Strength & Conditioning Coordinator, Coach Goins, at strength@acmeathleticstn.com.

Scheduling is Simple, Easy, & Flexible

Sessions are offered 5 days a week & we have many options to fit your schedule.

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