Acme Sports


ACME Sports strives to provide advanced level sports instruction and competition through uplifting community centric, team oriented player development clinics, camps and leagues in the sports of volleyball, basketball, soccer, baseball and more. 


  • Philosophies & Focus: ACME Sports are administered in adherence to the National Standards for Youth Sports, Compiled by the National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS) with the goal of providing a professional environment equipped with resources and coaches necessary to help athletics and participants reach their sports goals.  


  • Coaching & Instruction: All ACME programs and participants are staffed, operated and instructed by trained and certified ACME Sports Coaches and Professional Community Sports Partners. Certified CPR, First Aid and Concussion Awareness personnel will be present at all programming sessions.


  • Open Participation: ACME Sports operates programs and leagues for all ages and genders for a variety of skill levels. There are no tryouts or combines required for participation and all participants will receive the same high level of coaching regardless of abilities.


    • One Trophy Leagues: ACME Sports acknowledges that participation and fun are the ultimate reward however, many of life’s best lessons are learned through the characteristics developed while engaging in competition. During certain programming, winning and loosing are embedded within the activities structure and the recognition of those winners will be awarded to a limited number of teams and players.
  • Pray When We Play: At ACME, we believe in the power of prayer and are regularly praying for the success, safety and salvation of our participants and community members. During certain sporting events, participants and family members may be invited to join in a moment of prayer either before or after a program is held. Participation in prayer is completely voluntary and all families and participants are welcome to opt out at any time.


Interested in Coaching?
We are always looking for highly skilled and experienced sports coaches and sport officials to join our team and assist in the instruction, development and training of our athletes. If you are interested in becoming a sports coach or sports official please call 931.919.2575 or email sports@acmeathleticstn.com.