Athlete Of the Week:


Naomi Sell

Age: 9.5

School: Minglewood Elementary

Favorite Athlete: Her Aunt who used to be a gymnastics teacher.

Favorite food Food: Nerds

How has Acme Athletics Strength and Conditioning helped you? Strength & Conditioning has made me stronger, faster, and more confident.

“Naomi always enters Acme with a smile on her face and an eagerness to learn and better herself every day. Her positive attitude shines so bright that it’s hard not to notice her constant effort and remarkable strength for her age. She absolutely loves the weight room and is always ready for any challenge thrown her way.”

-Coach Eyan, Head of Strength & Conditioning

Quote of the week:

“If you want to look good in front of thousands, you have to outwork thousands in front of nobody.”

-Damian Lillard

What other athletes are saying:

“Acme has done great things for my strength as an athlete and as a person. ACME was the first time I had been pushed to the limits while working out. Every time I walk into that gym I push myself harder and harder. Acme has taught me to persevere even when you want to give up. Acme does all of this while making you stronger, tougher, and faster. I recommend doing Acme weight training to any athlete that wants to be the best they can be out on the field. And even if you’re not an athlete it will make you stronger and teach you integrity and healthy habits to better your mind and body. Anyone who wants to better themselves should choose Acme.”

-Gavin Weddington, 15

Coach Tip:

Mental Skills of Successful Athletes:
1.)Choose & maintain a positive attitude
2.)Maintain a high level of self-motivation
3.)Set high, realistic goals
4.)Deal effectively with people
5.)Use positive self-talk
6.)Use positive mental imagery
7.)Manage anxiety effectively
8.)Manage your emotions effectively
9.)Maintain concentration

The Performance Pyramid (in order of importance):
Level I: Basic Skills (These mental skills constitute a broad base for attaining long-term goals, learning, and sustaining daily practice. They are needed on a day-to-day basis for long periods of time, often months or years)
~ Attitude (1)
~ Motivation (2)
~ Goals & Commitment (3)
~ People Skills (4)
Level II: Preparatory Skills (These skills are used immediately before performance to prepare for performance. They may be used just before competition begins, or immediately before a specific performance action, such as a golf swing or a free throw in basketball)
~ Self-Talk (5)
~ Mental Imagery (6)
Level III: Performance Skills (These skills are used during actual performance behavior)
~ Managing Anxiety (7)
~ Managing Emotions (8)
~ Concentration (9)

Coach Eyan Pope, Head of Strength & Conditioning

coach eyan pope